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"True Blood -- She's Not There" Recap!

Who else is glad "True Blood" is back on HBO! Thank the vamps, wolves, fairies, and witches for coming back. TV needs this show. I LOVE IT! (This is Heather BTW; Hitman never blogs here LOL). Season four's first episode (titled "She's Not There" for you purists and those who are trying to Google it so you can bogart it online) starts with Sookie in the fairy land and reuniting with her Granddaddy. All seems well and good until we realize Granddaddy Earl has been there 20 years but he thinks he's only been gone a few hours. Guess what? The same thing happens to Sookie! She's there for just a few minutes and returns to Bon Temps to find out -- OOPS -- she was gone for over 12 months! A lot changes in 12 months... Very cool to see Lafayette and Jesus are still an item. But what's up with Tara running away and changing her name to Toni? She really doesn't want to be found. I don't blame her, BUT I do think something else is going on with her there... Oh, and she's in a lesbian relationship now. I don't blame her after what happened to her in season three! But her new girlfriend obviously has NO IDEA what's up. That's going to suck when that blows up in her face...because that's how "True Blood" rolls! I thought the exchange at Merlotte's between Sam and his little bro was pretty funny. So...I guess that means Sam shot him in the leg and is now paying for his physical therapy while attending an anger management program. But what is little bro doing with Hoight's mamma? You know that woman is crazy! Speaking of Hoight, he and Jessica are definitely having some issues. Can't wait to see how that drama works itself out this season. I get it -- Bill's the King now. But what is Eric Northman's deal with Sookie? Neither of these vampires are on Sookie's side, right? We know Jason is -- and can you believe he's a cop now? And that he's taking care of Crystal's crackhead family in Hotshot? Damn. I love this show. I'll stay up late on a Sunday night to watch it. I'll be logging onto HBO GO later today to see the sneak preview of the next episode that's posted there. So glad to see HBO hooking up the GO app with sneak previews and extra features. Predictions for this season? I haven't read this far ahead in the Charlaine Harris books but I do know the show is always slightly different from her books anyway. So share your thoughts and predictions in the comments and come back every Monday for my "True Blood" recap! Follow me on Twitter too and tweet your #trueblood at me @heatherlarson.

06/27/2011 8:33AM
"True Blood -- She's Not There" Recap!
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