A blog! And a busted Knee!

Hey look!  I got it going! I actually meant to get this up and running last Friday, but between an eye doctor appointment that lasted close to two hours and chasing down people at Geoff's (My husband) work for his new schedule and promotion, things I wanted to do didn't get done. It's Monday!  And I feel lousy!  Thursday and Friday were packed so I missed both of my workouts.  I got back in to it on Saturday, but immediately after I finished and I hit the stairs to leave, my knee lost it!  There was a gigantic "CRACK!" and some choice words and quiet screams from myself.  I spent the next couple hours on the couch with some ice on it and the rest of the weekend unable to get off the main level of my house.  *Laugh* It truly is  amazing how horrible you feel when you miss a workout or two.  And being put out of the game so to speak...has me extremely agitated.  I hate sitting still.  I hate not being on the go.  And yet, here I am working in the Studio sitting down for once with my leg propped up. I'm grumpy.  *Laugh*  Here's hoping I bounce back from this quickly.

08/29/2011 8:49AM
A blog! And a busted Knee!
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