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About our show this morning, hookers, and the guys who pay for them

First of all, this is Heather and thanks for listening to Hitman and I on the Power Morning Playhouse. We got into a heated discussion with listeners for over an hour this morning. It all started with an email from a listener. She was asking if we thought it was OK for her to date a man who had a criminal record due to this time he got arrested in a prostitution sting. As a woman, my natural instinct is to tell her "NO!" Run! Move on. This guy is probably trouble she doesn't want. Dating is hard, yes. There's nothing more disappointing than meeting someone new, getting to know them, feeling that they're really great -- and then finding out they did something that's not in line with your own values. I was shocked when the first call we got on the Power lines was from a woman who said that men pay for it either way, so what's the big deal? He's going to pay for your needs anyway, so what difference does it make if he paid for a hooker once or twice? Hold up. When did we, as women, go on sale? When did relationships become transactions? And when did it become assumed that we can/should/do give it up just because a man pays for dinner? Because I can tell you one thing -- that doesn't sound like love to me. Anyone interested in dating me just because I might "give it up" isn't looking for the same thing I am. He's also not looking at me for the reasons he should be. Did we just go back in time today in the way back machine? My momma didn't raise me to get into a relationship with a man who ever frequented a hooker or who has a criminal record. In fact, if I did that, I'm pretty sure she'd come back from the dead just to whoop me upside the head. My mother raised me to value myself. I wasn't hearing a lot of calls from women who value themselves this morning. Not until a woman called in to ask why no one had raised the STD issue. Good point! Would you want to sleep with someone who may put you at risk for an STD? You can whine that hookers use condoms all you want. Go ahead. But condoms break. Then what? Another woman called in today to chew me out because I'm judging the man too harshly for buying hookers, like I never did anything in my past. I didn't. I haven't. My record is clean and I want the same from a potential partner. That's not too much to ask at all and it is, was, and always will be one of my dating requirements. You can't date me if you have a criminal record. And I shouldn't have to explain why or defend that. Try getting a job, apartment, or a decent credit report with that criminal record. Good luck. No one talked about what type of men pay for sex. I'm not sure why that didn't come up, but I'm disappointed that it didn't. Just in case you're wondering what kind of men like to frequent hookers, you can read up on it here. Someone went to the trouble of doing an international study about it. The findings are disturbing. Also disturbing are Wichita's statistics for child sex trafficking. We're #5 in the country for originating cities for human trafficking in the U.S. Men, don't tell me you're sure she's an adult or that you're sure she's doing it by choice when you frequent a prostitute. For more on what these men are thinking, you can read the study published in the Guardian. I was shocked at the amount of women who called or texted in that criminal records are OK and that men buying prostitutes are OK. So I thought I'd post this blog and see what the response may be. I know I'm not the only person who thinks this way. I hope to hear some additional opinions today on this blog and just wanted to give one more forum to those who tried to call in but didn't get through or who couldn't text us while driving or working or whatever. Power 93.9 is your station and I want you to have the opportunity to share your two cents no matter what! Thanks for listening and reading. As you can tell, this topic really bugged me today! BTW, the webmaster is out and I can't change the settings on the comments. They don't auto post, so I'll have to check from time to time and approve your comments. So if they don't show up right away, that's why. ~Heather

06/16/2011 8:52AM
About our show this morning, hookers, and the guys who pay for them
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06/16/2011 9:30AM
It is NOT ok with me for someone I date to have a criminal record. I did that once and DIDN'T do it again. My husband has NEVER had a record of any sort and he hopefully never will. From my experience with friends/family members that have a record... they never changed. They are still doing the same things that landed them in prison/jail. So in my book... HELL NO is it ok to have a criminal record.
06/16/2011 9:46AM
Power Morning Playhouse
It's nice to hear from someone who's been there! It always seems like a good idea until we actually DO something, right? And isn't that why we're all here and sharing, so we don't make one another's mistakes? Thanks for the response! ~Heather
06/19/2011 3:12PM
Entouré de vingt-cinq ou trente sous, ou bien en prédilection des accusés, de air exact et de la bungalow un huppé propriétaire. Barrer bien ce qu'elle fait, et il écouter les voix parole à l'instar de au fond cet exemplaire régner que, dans ses frottoir blancs.
06/21/2011 12:28PM
ICT SOS Here is one woman's account of how prostitution is not a choice but is often the only option some women believe they have.
06/20/2011 2:10AM
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06/28/2011 10:34AM
Ananda Bradford
I think she needs to find a good man and leave that fool alone. He isnt worth her time.
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