The Date and the Dive

I had these grand plans for a blog update!  And with the dive bombing of my phone into the toilet, those plans have gone down the drain. I put off blogging because I was trying to get pictures of what I wanted to blog about.  But the photos were on my phone which is now deceased!  Well, for the most part.  Since the screen is fried, there's not a real reliable way to get those photos. So, I'll go back and do it the old fashioned way.  I'll take the photos this weekend and post them next week and hopefully have a new, working phone, by next Monday. What I wanted to show you is what awesome husband man Geoff got us over the weekend for our wedding anniversary.  And how our cat, Sey,has claimed it for herself.  It has become her throne to plot her nefarious deeds.  (Sounds intimidating right?) With thanks to a few of our friends and our family, Geoff brought home a piano.  Both of us grew up playing and while it's been about 10 years for me to sit down and just play, this has been the best gift ever!  However, like I said, Sey has kind of claimed it as her own.  Which is really kind of cute seeing her up there all the time.  I wanted to share the photos with you.  As I've shared on air, with the death of my phone, life has honestly been turned upside down. I'm kind of mortified how much I rely on technology like my phone these days.  Rather, it's amazing how much we can pack into those devices these days and how much of what I grew up with, like actual alarm clocks or cameras (which I do have, just rarely use anymore since the phone is more readily available), is packed into a pocket sized wonder device. I NEED MY PHONE!  WAGH!  /sniff
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Way to Go Wichita!

It was great to be out and about yesterday during my walk for my daily fitness routine and seeing all the families out and about, whether they were playing with their kids on the playground, biking, walking, or rollerblading together...Way to stay healthy and fit as a family Wichita!
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One of those "Oh hai dere" mornings and an education lesson

This might not be a post for everyone, but that's why there's that "close" button at the top. My husband and I own two ball pythons.  Let it be known I'm terrified of the wild.  I grew up on a farm and them getting in the house and stepping over them barefoot outside is not something I want to repeat... But I have this fascination for the reptiles.  One of my biggest regrets is not having enough time to check out the Outdoor herpaterium at the San Diego Zoo when I was there. Some education for those that are completely against snakes in the house because we do see some pretty wild stories about negligence from owners. First: Ball Pythons are small managable snakes.  I have two boys that might hit 4 1/2 feet long at the most, so they won't get to a size to eat my face, my pets, or small children.  2.  They're more docile than most "pet" snakes.  They get scared, they curl into a ball, hence the name "Ball Python."  However, just like the majority of animals, they aren't completely predictable and harmless, but they do give off blatant signs about what they're about to do, for instance, hissing when they don't want to be disturbed. As a pet owner, it's my job to provide a suitable environment for them.  *cough cough...a quilt over the enclosure doesn't cut it...cough cough.  They're tank is clamped down.  And when they move to a bigger tank, I'll buy another set of clamps to add to the clamps that lock, yes LOCK the top metal screen lid to the tank.  (See what I did there.  I make sure they can't get out.  :) ) And again, read they're behavior to see what's going on. We're usually pretty good about this.  We're also pretty lucky that we got both Chaos and Zephyr when they were really young and make sure to handle them often so they're used to people. We've been a little busy and were going to up the feeding schedule to once a week since they both seem to have come off of fasts are were keen to eat again, and ended up missing last week. Imagine my surprise when I walk up the stairs and see this glob of shimmery white bunched up in one of the rock hides.  I told myself, it couldn't be, but apparently, it was.  One of the boys ended up shedding.  Now, a week and a half ago, neither of them had any signs of going into a shed.  But there was the proof.  An entire shed, in tact for the most part, except that it was wadded up into a gigantic ball. I feel so negligent today, shocked, and impressed: Negligent that we didn't notice the signs of an incoming shed.  Shocked to see a shed my husband and I had no clue about.  And impressed since both of them have usually taken at the least, two weeks to go through a shed cycle.  They're special boys and seem to take forever to do anything.  *tear*  They're growing up so fast!
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A blog! And a busted Knee!

Hey look!  I got it going! I actually meant to get this up and running last Friday, but between an eye doctor appointment that lasted close to two hours and chasing down people at Geoff's (My husband) work for his new schedule and promotion, things I wanted to do didn't get done. It's Monday!  And I feel lousy!  Thursday and Friday were packed so I missed both of my workouts.  I got back in to it on Saturday, but immediately after I finished and I hit the stairs to leave, my knee lost it!  There was a gigantic "CRACK!" and some choice words and quiet screams from myself.  I spent the next couple hours on the couch with some ice on it and the rest of the weekend unable to get off the main level of my house.  *Laugh* It truly is  amazing how horrible you feel when you miss a workout or two.  And being put out of the game so to speak...has me extremely agitated.  I hate sitting still.  I hate not being on the go.  And yet, here I am working in the Studio sitting down for once with my leg propped up. I'm grumpy.  *Laugh*  Here's hoping I bounce back from this quickly.
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