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It's National Adoption Month -- Meet Chris

Let's meet Chris, a kiddo from Youthville who is looking for a forever family. 

Heather here, blogging about something extremely important. It's National Adoption Month! I am blessed to have a niece in my life who I wouldn't have had if not for adoption. November is a special month in our family each year, and November 19th -- National Adoption Day -- is one of the happiest days of the year for her and her mom. My life would not be complete without this child and she is part of the reason why I volunteer at Youthville. Maybe your family is looking to feel a little more complete too. 

Chris is currently in a foster home and is much-loved -- however, he still needs to find his forever family. Chris is going to be on the air with us to talk about what kind of family he hopes to find himself in very soon. It could be your family, I hope. I don't know much about Chris at the moment, except that he loves football and used to play the trumpet. Oh -- and he's one of Wendy's Wonderful Kids! Thanks to Wendy's for being involved every year in National Adoption Month and helping to find forever homes for kids. Let's make this the year Chris finds his forever home. I'll post more about Chris after we meet him. 

Here's a photo of Chris and a link to more info about adoption with Youthville

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Is Rihanna's new video for "We Found Love" inappropriate?

Watch it and see for yourself... What do you think? I think Rihanna can do a lot better than giving an audience of young women "implied physical abuse." And Ri-Ri, aren't you over Chris Brown and his look-alikes by now? ~Heather
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Shia Labeouf Gets Owned By Randon Street Thug [NSFW]

"Transformers" star Shia Labeouf gets owned by a random street thug who socks him in the face. Dude straight lays Shia out on the street. It happened last week outside a Vancouver bar. Of course, there's video now courtesy of TMZ. Check it out! ~Heather video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player
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Watch Game propose to his lady! [SFW]

Who doesn't love to watch a good proposal? Of course, she says yes. But I'm thinking for a guy who goes by "Game," he'd have a little more of it. Does Game propose to his lady with champagne and flowers at sunset on a mountaintop? No. He surprises her at the school where she teaches -- with TMZ in tow. Hey, at least he captured the moment on camera. (For the couple who likes to live their lives in front of an audience...) I'm happy for them! ~Heather video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player
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New Timbaland ft. David Guetta and Pitbull: Pass At Me

Here's the new video from Timbaland for his track Pass At Me. Pitbull and David Guetta are also featured on the song, which you can buy on iTunes. Do you like it? ~Heather
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Watch Miguel's Quickie [NSFW]

Do I really need to tell you Miguel's music video for the track "Quickie" is NSFW (not safe for work?) You've heard the song, now see the hot video! ~Heather
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More dog tricks! [SFW]

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The Quotable Hitman

Maybe you're already enjoying our Tumblr account, "The Quotable Hitman." If you're into Tumblr, or even if you're not, you've got to check it out! I don't update it daily. I just update it whenever Hitman says something a little odd. So...that's almost every day. Add us if you're on Tumblr, or just bookmark it and check back for updates! ~Heather P.S. It's always me updating the blog. Hitman has NO IDEA how to log in! ;)
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How do you even train a dog to do this? [SFW]

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Since we talked about cats on the air this morning... [SFW]

Pretty sure this is what my cat is doing when I'm not home. ~Heather
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