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Breathalyzing Youso!

This morning on the Playhouse, Hitman brought in a bottle of Jagermeister for Youso and a Wichita Police officer came in to breathalyze him. (Thank you, Officer Lloyd!) KAKE 10 came in to document what was going on. They interviewed Hitman and Office Lloyd about what we were doing and why. (Yes, I have video to edit & post next week on this site!)

Hitman on KAKE10:

It's prom season and we wanted to make a point about why kids shouldn't be drinking before/after/during their proms. Aside from the fact that drinking under the age of 21 is ILLEGAL, we learned a couple other things. The legal limit for those who are 21+ is .08. The legal limit for those under 18 is far less -- at .02 you are past the legal limit. (Not to mention it's illegal for you to drink, illegal for adults to give you booze, etc).

The breathalyzer:

After one drink, Youso blew a .009. At that point, Officer Lloyd explained that he was "impaired." He wouldn't get a DUI, but would be charged for impaired driving. His next breathalyzer test showed his blood alcohol concentration (BAC) to be at .033. In less than 50 minutes, Youso downed the entire 20ml bottle of Jagermeister. He was past the legal limit then at .9-something! His final breathalyzer test a few minutes later was .104. I drove him home shortly after because he got frisky with Hitman. "Your felt sweatshirt is so soft!" Kids, this is why you shouldn't drink!

Think of your future.

If you're underage and get a DUI, you may still get one later in life. We hope you don't! But if you do, your past DUI would come back to haunt you. It doesn't go away; it stays on your record no matter how many years go by. Your second DUI would then become a felony charge! All your dreams in life, even the basic ones like being able to get a good job, would then be down the toilet with last night's booze. So BE SMART! Make good choices!

Don't drink at all. Enjoy your prom sober. It's not worth having the drinks -- and after what we learned on the show today, you'd be in serious legal trouble after just one drink. No matter how old or young you are, drinking and driving is unacceptable. Always have a designated driver or call a cab to take you home. Now that I've said my serious bit, enjoy some pics from this morning. We like to laugh and have fun on the show, but we also want our community to be a safe place. Thanks for hearing us out and we hope you learned as much as we did today. Thanks again to Wichita Police Department and KAKE10! ~Heather

Youso gettin' plastered:

Me, finally relaxing after driving a very drunk Youso home to sleep it off:

04/15/2011 9:41AM
Breathalyzing Youso!
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04/15/2011 9:58AM
i luv u guys so much im 13 and i leson to u guys every day. :)
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