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Honeybadger! Randall! Where have you been all my life? [NSFW]

I know. I'm late to the Honeybadger video party. Seems like it's been going around a lot on Facebook lately. So...I had to look up Randall, the guy who narrates the infamous viral video called "The Crazy Nastyass Honeybadger." I showed Hitman the video today because I think he needs a pet honey badger to deal with the den of foxes that are living on his deck. I found a cool Q&A with Randall here. If you have no idea about this brilliant video about the honey badger, let me initiate you with the video: If you're a Randall fan like I am, check out his latest video. (You will especially appreciate this if you are as old as I am). Here, Randall narrates an old "Jem" cartoon. Classic 1980s fun! Now you are up to date on the latest viral video sensation. That's what I do; I give you some stuff to chop it up about around the water cooler. Or beer keg. And if you like lizards, I'll drop one more vid for you. ~Heather

06/02/2011 8:29AM
Honeybadger! Randall! Where have you been all my life? [NSFW]
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