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Wichita, we came really close to voting up Wichita Children's Home to receive a free vehicle from Toyota. thisclose. Voting for that contest was only for one day and it's done. But thank you so much for helping vote up WCH! I know I've asked you to vote daily for Youthville to receive SIX FIGURES in funding from That would be huge! Vote here once a day every day through August 27: Now there's a new vote-to-win-funding contest. EMC wants to donate $25,000 to charity and Wichita Children's Home is up for that, so please vote here: We had Nancy Compton, the Chief Advancement Officer of Youthville, on to talk to us about the organization on Empower Wichita recently. Organizations like Youthville and Wichita Children's Home need as much funding as they can get. That's why Compton's Youthville is embracing these social media/online voting contests. Inventive ways of fundraising will likely be the future for these non-profits who are taxed with providing care to Kansas' most needy children each day. I've seen three of these vote-to-win contests already this summer for WCH and Youthville. I've asked you to vote in all three of them. (Whether on here, Twitter, Facebook, or on Tumblr). I already think it's exhausting to ask every day but I do it anyway because I believe in the kids at Youthville and WCH and I want them to have the best. I'm sure we're only seeing the beginning of these vote-to-win-money-for-charity contests. So thank you in advance for voting. Thanks for your patience. And thank you for humoring me about the whole thing. I'm quite attached to the Youthville kids I am blessed to volunteer with and know how much the extra funding could improve their daily lives within the system. Youthville takes kids who have been neglected and abused and works to give them back their childhood. Youthville and WCH work together for these kids. You can get involved as a volunteer mentor like me or become a volunteer driver. You can also donate money. You can also become a foster parent. Youthville especially needs foster families for sibling groups. Imagine being not just taken from your home but split up from your siblings too! Youthville also has weekly adoption meetings because they want you to adopt our Kansas kids. They do so much for kids that I'd really love to see them win the Vivint money. Youthville also sets up the 18-year-olds when they "age out" of foster care. How can a foster kid afford to set up their first apartment? Where are they going to turn to be able to buy basic supplies like bedding? Youthville helps them with that. So if you can't adopt, donate, foster, or volunteer, just vote. It's one simple thing we can all do daily. Thank you, ~Heather, "Hitman & Heather in the Morning" @heatherlarson

07/25/2011 8:34AM
I know there's lots of "vote for this" to receive money going around...
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07/25/2011 10:10AM
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