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Is the Chuck E. Cheese mascot flipping off the camera?

The Anderson family, of Las Cruces, New Mexico, was recently celebrating a birthday at a local Chuck E. Cheese when the restaurant's rat mascot flipped off the camera while posing with one of their children. The boy's father, Jesse Anderson, says Chuck E. Cheese brushed him off when he complained. A rep for the company says, "He has big wide paws, like a glove, and they're lumpy and not clearly defined. His glove is a thumb and three fingers, so what you see is his index finger extended — not his middle finger." What do you think? Is the rat telling the camera man he's number one? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @power939 or @heatherlarson ~Heather

07/25/2011 2:30AM
Is the Chuck E. Cheese mascot flipping off the camera?
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07/27/2011 6:52AM
Zena James
A parent that looks at this as a 'finger', is not mormal. Any person that does not do this often, themselves would not even notice. The kid wouldn't even know the difference if the parent did not make a big thing out of it. The parent's just want the publicity. Anyone that is familiar with CEC, would know that it is normal.
06/16/2012 3:54AM
I work at chuck e cheese
The suit has three fingers and a thumb, this is how you point any one who ha EVER worn the Chuck E suit knows this is bullshit. Stupid parents just want their moment of fame
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