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My True Blood recap -- a very short one!

There are two reasons why I'm doing a very short True Blood recap this week. First, it's Wednesday already and I'm over it. Second, this week's episode really annoyed me. I am really tired of the witch story line and we're only three episodes in...UGH! I'm also tired of a weakling version of Erik. I understand the plot needed to be advanced, which made this latest episode a little slow. But the Jason story line where he gets captured by the crazy panther/crackhead people in Hot Shot to become their "Ghost Daddy" (whatever that is) has also gone on too long. Looking ahead, here are my hopes for next week's episode. No more witches. Jason gets rid of the fever and gets revenge on the inbreeds. Tara's girlfriend comes looking for her and messes up her world in Bon Temps. Faceless Pam finds a way to bring Erik and her face back to us. Oh, and speaking of inbreeds, what's up between Bill and Porsche Bellfleur? ;) Hey now! Until next week, enjoy a photo of gentle Erik. ~Heather

07/20/2011 4:01PM
My True Blood recap -- a very short one!
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