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Oh no, she is NOT serious about that hat?

We've all googled Kate Middleton's royal wedding dress by now, seen it, and approved it. (I have heard no complaints, how about you?) But the real story of the day is this hat! What business does this chick have wearing a hat like this? Because then idiots like me have to blog about it. ;) It totally upstages the bride to wear a ridiculous hat like this! Don't you think? Or does this hat just say sister has been smoking something? Maybe the royals get high. If they do, I think this counts as evidence! ~Heather (And I am talking about the chick on the right if there's any doubts. I chose not to post her name to protect the innocent).

04/29/2011 9:48AM
Oh no, she is NOT serious about that hat?
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04/29/2011 9:52AM
And what a horrible color too!
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