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The iGuardian Teen driving app

Teenage driving -- there's an app for that! I am so not kidding... You heard the Hitman and I talking about this one today on the Power Morning Playhouse. Neither of us has given it a shot, but let us know if you have. Furthermore, would you even want to? It's one of those tough questions as a parent -- are you too "Big Brother" if you download an app that essentially spies on your teen's driving habits and reports back to you all their data like driving speed? Is it good for a parent to download the iGuardian Teen driving app or does it create a distrust between you and your teen? Safety is the most important thing. The iGuardian Teen driving app seems to be able to help you ensure your child drives safely... If my parents had used this app on me as a teenager, well, let's just say I would have been grounded more often! We also didn't have cell phones when I was a teen, so there was no danger of me texting or talking on the phone while driving. The iGuardian Teen app for Android actually suppresses calls so your teen won't be tempted to answer his or her cell while driving. It monitors speed, it detects unsafe driving and it even sounds an alarm if your teen makes an unsafe driving move! It sounds almost like you're there in the car with your kid like a backseat driver. I don't have a teenager, but if I did I would certainly consider this app. The family teen is scared to drive as it is after seeing friends get into bad car accidents. If every teen had this app, would teens become a safer group of drivers? I don't know. I already think it's unfair in some states that kids have to wait until an older age to be able to drive in the car on their own after they receive their driver's license. I think independence is important. So I'm the iGuardian Teen app a good idea or not?

02/15/2011 10:29AM
The iGuardian Teen driving app
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02/15/2011 1:53PM
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