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Want to get your man a present that's really for you?

Guys do it to women all the time! Has he bought you a kitchen appliance for Valentineā€™s Day or your birthday before? Time to get him back! Tools You know how he was going to fix that shelf in the closet or that broken stair on the staircase but he FORGOT? Buy him some tools to remind him to get it doneā€¦ (That scene from "Modern Family" comes to mind when Claire is always after Phil because he never fixes their busted stair). A gym membership You have to do this one in a very nice way -- especially if your man is getting a little thick around the middle.Ā  Be careful not to insult him. Just tell him you care about his health or how you know he'd like to be in shape to play hoops with the boys...just keep it neutral and positive like that and you'll be OK! A grill and a manly apron to go with it! Hey, you want him to start cooking for you, right? Well how many men do you know who cook on anything other than a BBQ grill? Exactly. Maybe you should get him a BBQ recipe book too... Sexy cologne, underwear, and a pair of nice shoes. Valentine's Day is a great time to replace his Old Spice or Brut, his shoes with the holes in them, and the underwear with the holes in them (and the skidmarks too). Come to think of it, try to replace any and every old article of clothing he's got that you HATE! Disguise its replacement as a gift and you're all good. Enroll him in a massage class Here's how you get him to go for this one... Tell him massages really get you hot. Tell him you enrolled him in a massage class so he can be your personal masseuse... Explain that massages will be your only accepted form of foreplay from now on. (And if you actually do this and he goes for it, please let me know!) A romantic weekend away If your man is a workaholic type who just can't schedule time off, you need to step in a take the reigns on this one. Book a romantic weekend getaway and make sure your vacation package has an expiration date coming up soon so that it forces him to get away.

02/11/2011 11:50AM
Want to get your man a present that's really for you?
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